Double Bass Lessons

double bass lessons in Manchester My name is Steve McEvoy and as well as offering bass guitar lessons, I am a professional Double Bass tutor in Manchester - conveniently located near to the M60 - offering double bass lessons to pupils of all experiences and ages from Manchester and across the North West.

Double Bass Tuition for All

I ensure each lesson is created around your experience level and your goals as I believe this helps keep my pupils motivated and creates greater pupil input and interest, with the focus of our lessons being on songs or musical material that interests you - with music theory applied to the material as necessary.

I also teach a wide variety of styles of double bass playing,

Teaching materials are often created specifically for a lesson to ensure your study is as efficient as possible. I can provide transcriptions of specific songs in a variety of file types for you to integrate into your home practice. In addition recordings of bass tracks can be made during the lesson for you to take away to aid your practise.

Double Bass Lessons For Your Convenience.

I have two double basses, one strung with steel strings for jazz type pizz (plucking) and arco (bowing) playing, and the other with synthetic gut strings more suitable for upright slap or pizz. Both of these are available to you during a lesson, making it easier for you to attend straight after work, college or school without having to go back home first.

With starting double bass players, it is important to adopt a correct technique right from the offset to avoid potential injury and minimise the aches and pains inherent with starting a new activity. My home studio in North Manchester has full length mirrored walls which allow you to obtain visual feedback on arm and hand positions, as well as positions of the bow.

Specific topics of study can include

  • learn to read and write music
  • transition from playing bass guitar to double bass
  • improve or correct playing technique
  • music theory
  • ear training
Lessons are generally for an hour, although the duration of a lesson can be changed to suit your individual needs. The cost of a lesson is dependant on duration and whether it is in a peak or off-peak period
1/2 hr1hrlonger than 1 hr
off peak
£12£20please contact me to discuss
£15£25please contact me to discuss

What Next ?

Whether you are just starting out and interested in starting to learn double bass, or play bass guitar and looking to add more strings to your bow (literally) by learning double bass, if you are looking for affordable, double bass lessons in Manchester then I am happy to guide you. Simply call me on 07949 778220 or Contact Me by email.